JMC College of Law

Jose Maria College (JMC) embarks on a new journey on the road to social transformation with the establishment of the College of Law.

JMC College of Law is geared towards the promotion of academic achievement, excellence, and effective, ethical and socially relevant legal education. Forming the core of our law curriculum is a program of education that endeavors to prepare students to provide legal services competently upon graduation. An outstanding corps of faculty will provide hands-on mentoring throughout the program, to fully prepare the small but select group of students for the Bar Examination. Within this setting, we make sure that every student has the best opportunities possible to succeed. See more.

The program also offers strategic partnerships with communities, organizations, as well as linkages with law firms to develop in students the core lawyering skills of clear thinking, writing, and speaking and to provide students experience using this knowledge and skills to perform a reasonable range of lawyering tasks.

Given that the legal profession is dedicated to providing service to clients, the law school also has a legal aid program that will give students unique opportunities to provide needed legal services to the less privileged.

Our mission is to produce competent, honest and dedicated lawyers motivated by the ideals of truth and justice and who adhere to the ethical standards of the profession. Hence, here at JMC College of Law, we foster a culture of excellence to hamess the potential of the students and train them for a career in law, service, responsibility and leadership.


Highlighted Events

JMC Opens College of Law

Jose Maria College embarks on another milestone as it opens the College of Law. Approved to operate by the Legal Education Board (ELB) in January 2016, the JMC COLLEGE OF LAW is the third law school established in Davao City and is now accepting students for the AY 2016-2017.

With the establishment of the law school, JMC envisions producing the best practitioners in the legal profession who will become advocates of peace and equal opportunities for all.

The Bachelor of Laws offers courses that will equip students in the various facets of the law profession. The program also offers Language Enhancement Courses to equip students with excellent communication skills which are essential to the legal practice.

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