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Jose Maria College embarks on another milestone as it opens the College of Law. Approved to operate by the Legal Education Board (ELB) in January 2016, the JMC COLLEGE OF LAW is the third law school established in Davao City and is now accepting students for the AY 2016-2017.

With the establishment of the law school, JMC envisions producing the best practitioners in the legal profession who will become advocates of peace and equal opportunities for all.

The Bachelor of Laws offers courses that will equip students in the various facets of the law profession. The program also offers Language Enhancement Courses to equip students with excellent communication skills which are essential to the legal practice.

The JMC College of Law is well-equipped with world-class facilities and highly qualified faculty, has established linkages and the best learning ambience that a law student needs. Its curriculum was designed to usher in a new intellectual environment in the country. And just like JMC’s undergraduate programs, the JMC COLLEGE OF LAW offers the most affordable tuition rates to give law students the best opportunities to complete the program and succeed.

To cater to the needs of working and non-working students, the Bachelor of Laws offers two (2) curricula: the five- year program for those who cannot attend classes every day and the four- year curriculum for the non- working students. The five-year curriculum requires students to attend classes from Friday to Sunday.

The JMC COLLEGE OF LAW was conceived from the long-held dream of School Founding President Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy to become a lawyer. However, he was directed to another vocation and became a great international evangelist. For Pastor Quiboloy, he might not be what he dreamed to be, but the establishment of the College of Law is already a fulfillment of his desire to contribute to the legal profession. He believes that producing best lawyers who stand for principle, are ethical and socially responsible is a great contribution to the Philippine society.

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