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Science Laboratory

Jose Maria College has a Science laboratory equipped with the necessary paraphernalia and chemicals needed for conducting chemistry and physics lecture and experimentation. A laboratory in-charge is responsible for keeping track of all activities inside the Science laboratory.

Computer Laboratory

Jose Maria College has two computer laboratories which are internet connected. They are located at the second and fourth floors. Everyone using the computers must exercise right judgment. Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations set for order and discipline.

Audio-Visual/ Music Room

The Audio/Visual Room is located at the second floor. Students’ film viewing for the enrichment of the lessons may be conducted here. Rules and regulations are set for the proper use of the AV/Music Room.


The Playground is available to the students to provide a delightful balance of work and play. Only preschool children are allowed to play at indoor playground. Older students can use the outdoor playground.


Located near the entrance of the campus are park and a waterfall for recreation and enjoyment. Students are expected to take care and maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the park.

Nursing Laboratory

The Nursing Laboratory is provided for the 6-Month Caregiving Course. Like the hospital, it has the medical facilities ready to serve the students. Proper care and handling of all equipment is expected of all students.

Speech Laboratory

The Speech laboratory is located at the third floor of the building. It can accommodate a maximum of 50 students. Students are required to handled with extra care the head phones and the microphones.

H.E. Room

Is provided for the students for the their Technology and Livelihood Education subject. It is the duty of the students to maintain its cleanliness and orderliness.

Rooftop Gymnasium

The JMC Rooftop is provided for sports and recreation activities. No one is allowed to go to the gymnasium without the proper permission and coordination.

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