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PAFTE Coaches future educators `Effective Mentoring`

By: Noel Jayson M. Vistas

“Teach the students how to think not what to think,” said Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (MDK) Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Laura V. Cespon in her opening speech during the recent- ly concluded student-teacher seminar sponsored by the Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE) on September 12, 2014 at MKD Lanang, Davao City.

Dr. Cespon highlighted the significant role of educators in harnessing and honing the intellect of the students via a more substantial and interactive learning process.

She also added that learning process starts from the educators whose role is very crucial in the formation of a student’s total well-being.

With the theme, “Student-Teachers Seminar: Meeting the Challenges of ASEAN 2015 Through KPUP,” other educators from various respected academic institutions in the city also shared their expertise in effective mentoring in cognizance of the KPUP-based curriculum.

According to Colegio de Pantukan Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Jocelyn Hua, a teacher, apart from himself or herself, should know his or her students and the subject matter he or she is bound to discuss.

“Remember: what a teacher is, the students are,” shared Dr. Hua with the participants.

The Future Educators Association (FEdA) interns expressed pride in their alma mater for the academic training and for setting an example for the students to emulate, most especially, the values of accountability, respect , integrity and love.

ITE Forges Partnership with Industry

By: Shaima Baguinsodon

The Jose Maria College Information Technology Education Department (JMC-ITE) takes its first big step in the industry’s ‘real deal’ as it forges partnership with Developer’s Connect (DevCon) Davao Chapter.

DevCon is a non-profit organization which aims to promote the ‘IT Pinoy Talent’ mainly by providing a unique venue for IT students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts to sync, support and succeed.

“This is just the start of the many changes in the Information Technology Education (ITE) Department of the Jose Maria College (JMC),” said ITE Dean Exander Barrios as he started to establish linkages and partnerships for the program.

speakers, Dr. Dalagan said that their students are exposed in robust research community engagement, while Holy Cross Program Coordinator Dahlia Roma disclosed that most of their graduates are in the media industry.

The next question is: how promising is the media industry in Davao City? With the limited job opportunities that the industry offers, the communication program of the Jose Maria College has strengthened its curriculum in order to produce graduates who can be masters in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and research.

“The communication program is not only about TV, Radio and Print. We want to change the mentality of our students that if you take up MassComm, you are bound to work only in these media. Of course not. Communication graduates can do more. The job opportunties are actually more immense than other fields. The corporate world is so big that it needs highly trained communicators both orally and in writing, communication professor Dr. Maribel Lanticse shared in an exclusive interview.

How to equip our graduates? The Commission on Higher Education Region XI Director divulged that the agency is not closing its door for a possibility of forming a licensure examination. for communication graduates as it also sees the need to professionalize communication in the Philippines.

English DRS Academy starts linkage with JMC

The English DRS Academy links with JMC to provide trainings to Koren and Japanese students on the English language.

A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the DRS Academy represented by its General Manager, Mr. Lee Cunado and the School Director, Mr. Hyun Soo Park, and the Jose Maria College represented by the school

dministrator, Dr. Nelia Q. Canada on October 23, 2014 at the JMC campus.

JMC commits to accommodate foreign students, and carry out exposure and training for them in accordance with the Training Program/Course that will be jointly produced by the two parties.

The event, participated in by IT students, the moderator and guest speakers, conducted series of activities and workshops pertaining to the latest trends and technological advancements of the IT industry at the JMC Audio-Visual Room last September 12, 2014.

The ‘Lightning Talks’ activity in the morning paved the way for the acquaintance of unfamiliar yet trending technologies used by IT professionals while other activities were more focused on the various fields of specialization students may choose from.

“It is overwhelming to see the students very eager to learn and express their ideas during the forum,” shared DevCon Resource Speaker Kevin Omiple. “Doing this activitiy brings all the IT Professionals and the would be IT professionals closer in order to be more productive when they sync their knowledge to one another and support everyone in the industry,” he added.

Prof. Barriois is eyeing more partnerships and linkages to give more students not just a glimpse of the corporate world but enough trainings to prepare them for their future journey as young IT professionals.

Seen as the most rapidly changing industry due to technological innovations, the JMC-ITE assures that its students are fully aware and technically equipped by strengthening its competency-based curriculum.

LIGHTNING TALK. Devcon Resource Speaker Kevin Omiple explains the differentiated applications of an Android Mobile Technology to the participants. (Photo courtesy by the ITE Department)
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