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WOW 103.5 FM of RGMA Davao; Ms. Jill Palarca, a communication instructor from the University of Immaculate Conception Liberal Arts education Program; and Mr. Peter Amaya from Midtown Photography and Print House.

The adverts’ exemplary performances made JMC a cut above the rest as evidenced by the eight (8) major awards that they brought home: Best Advertising Agency, Best TV Ad, Best Radio Plug, Best Print Ad, Best Company Logo, Best Company Profile, Best Company Profile Presenter, Best Corporate Promenade.

“JMC has indeed proven its worth in the field of Advertising. It only means that the students are really very dedicated and passionate about their work. The quality of the outputs and presentation is very impressive. They think before they tailor their message to the audience. JMC has been the champion since 2011, and alI I can say is that JMC deserves this much,” Prof. Narreto said in an interview.

The Paragon Excedere Ad Agency of Lady Claire Logan, Lloyd Labanon, Jam Mae Tarre, Kent John Evangelista and Jayson Rubrico partnered with the Sonshine Philippines Movement (SPM) for the TV AD. Entitled “A way of Life,” it enjoined everybody, regardless of status in life, to show care and love for mother nature. The Radio Plug, in partnership with the Land Transportation Office XI (LTO XI), featured the effects of noise pollution in the city. While the Print Ad, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources XI (DENR XI), advocated for support for the informal settlers in the seashores of Davao City with the tagline, “Let me Breath, Leave me be. ”

“ We hope we can encourage all schools offering communication programs to take part in this annual competition because this is one avenue where the students can show their creativity and wit, and of course, the presentation capability is being honed,” one of Paragon Excedere Ad Agency creators Lloyd Llabanon expressed.

As the first hall of famer in this annual creativity race, JMC is looking forward to maintaining its performance that is a cut above the rest.

World Teachers' Day:
An expression of kindness, love

By: Ryan A. Lazaga
On Intercollegiate Competitions. These faculty were acknolwedged for their invaluable contributions as trainors and mentors in intercollegiate competitions. (From left to right) BSBA Program Head Gemma Pesidas, High Assist. Principal Allan Magsipoc, High School Teachers Liza Luzon and Irene Quileste, Grade School Trainor Ryan Alberto, BSBA Faculty Alston Pascua, IT Instructor Mia Bajan, BAMC Program Head Mark Roel Narreto, Gen. Education Program Head Dennis Lazarte and BSA Faculty Dexter Besinan.

Their efforts might not have been recognized by many, but they are the individuals who have largely contributed to the well-being of their students. Yes, they are the people who have the noblest profession on earth-- the teachers-- who bring out the best in their students.

To formally express the students’ way of thanking their mentors, the entire Jose Maria College (JMC) Community, in partnership with the Supreme Student Government, (SSG) paid tribute to all the educators of the institution from grade school to college departments in line with the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Human Resource Management and Development recognized the painstaking efforts contributed by the teachers in the formation of both academic and non-academ ic growth of the students.

Teaching and non-teaching personnel who have been working with JMC for 10 long years were also acknowledged by the administration.

“They deserve to be recognized for exerting their effort and time in training the students. For the 10 years in service, we are very thankful for their loyalty and commitment to the institution,” said HRMD Head Ma. Leonora de Guzman.

Our Tribute to all Teachers:

        Without you, we would never be what we are today and what we will become in the future. Some of you are strict and look tough; some look friendly and have a soft personality. But you all have the same purpose: that is to make your every student a well- learned individual.

        Just wondering how you survive the stubborn ones in your classes. But there’s one thing we can say, teachers are extraordinary persons. With all the lessons and activities you have to prepare for your students everyday, and with all the family errands you have to attend to at home, you deserve to be respected and appreciated.

        Thank you for your passion to teach everybody no matter what his or her status in life. Thank you for the kind of education that we are receiving from all of you.

        One day, we will have our own respective professions but we will never forget how you have molded and inspired us to become true JMarians.

GENUINE SERVICE. The faculty and staff who were commended for their genuine commitment and service to the Jose Maria College for 10 long years. (From right to left) Assist. Principal Jocelyn dela Piedra, Transportation Personnel Avelino Gascon, Director for Curriculum Development Dr. Ildefonso L. Betana Sr., Coach Llewelyn T. Villaber, and HRMD Personnel Clayde.
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