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Fifth House Rule Of JMC

“Don’t take things that are not yours,” inspired by this fifth rule of the seven house rules of Jose Maria College (JMC), Casrica Kassandra Villamor and Ian Darrel Escobal showed how this rule should be done.

During the Flag ceremony at the Sky Gym last June 30, 2015, the High School Department proudly awarded Casrica Kassandra Villamor and Ian Darrel Escobal who surrendered their different found wrist watch, as one of the most honest in the campus.  Both of them were awarded with the “Honesty Award” by Mr. Allan A. Magsipoc, High School Assistant Principal.

Last June 10, 2015, Escobal saw a wrist watch along the 3rd floor stairs.  He picked it then immediately reported to the High School Assistant Principal, Mr. Allan A. Magsipoc, hoping to found the owner since the program for the Welcome Assembly of High School Department at the Sky Gym was happening.  On the other hand, after the flag ceremony last June 29, 2015, Villamor was walking on the 2nd floor staircase when she noticed a wrist watch lying on the floor.  Without hesitation, she picked it and decided to give the item to the Ms. Lydia R. Masong, the School’s Prefect of Discipline.

When Escobal and Villamor were interviewed, he said that it was his conscience that pushed him to report what he had seen.  While Villamor said that she just wanted to surrender whom she does not owned.

The award they have received was presented in a ribbon worth 30 points in their Values Education Subject.  “Honestly, I did not expect to receive any award after I returned the wrist watch to the POD.  However, if we were told ahead, it’s not because of an award why I did it but because taking things which are not yours was taught by our Alma Mater,” Villamor’s confident answer in an interview. “I’m happy because at some point, I was able to help others.  But of course, not only to small things which you should be honest because in everything we do, we should be honest.” Escobar proudly answered.

The pioneering act of honesty of these students inspires their co-schoolmates to do what is right.  The High School Department still awards students who continually contribute to the honesty rule of the school policy.

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A Glimpse Of Celebration

The Jose Maria College (JMC) celebrated its annual founding anniversary from August 3 to 7, 2015 with the theme: JMC @ 14 towards global excellence in the 24th century.

The opening ceremonies began with the parade of students.  Colorful balloons were witnessed as each team proudly displayed their banners parading up to the cathedral.  Mr. Mark Alemania declared the opening of the competitions which was then followed by the singing of the foundation song, “World in our Hands.”  As the excitement fills the venue, the preschool and grade school students performed their field demonstrations.

The highlighted event happened in the afternoon after the opening ceremonies at the Cathedral.  The High School and College Department showed off their talents in dancing.  The high school students travelled the audience to different countries as they perform their United Nation inspired Cultural Show.  On the other hand, the college department tuned up the stage with their United Nation inspired modern dance.

Events followed after the first day of foundation week.  The Literary, Modern dance, and Musical Competition were held at the JMC lobby on the second day of the foundation week.  This year’s Musical Competition introduced its newest events which are the Sync Galing and Bagong Balagtasan.

The indoor and outdoor activities happened on the third day.  The indoor activity was held in the HS and GS Library while the outdoor was in the open field.  The coronation of Mr. and Ms. JMC 2015 followed after the former activities at the Cathedral. 

The awarding ceremonies held at the Cathedral on the fourth day of the foundation week.  The place became warmth after declaring that the Grade 8 garnered 540 points while the Grade 10 harvested 554 points.  This year’s founding anniversary left the Grade 10 students as the over-all champion for the High School Department.

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A Glance To A Counselor’s Labor

August 2015, Dr. Edilberta Obaña, the former Guidance Counselor of the Grade School and High School Department was recently reassigned to the College Department. She served for her previous position for one and a half years. Within that span of time, she has taught everyone the significance of excellence in one’s life. In an interview with Dr. Obaña she stated that when she was hired in the institution, the Human Resource assigned her as the Guidance Counselor for the Grade School and High School Department. Despite her age, she still worked heavily as a Guidance Counselor. According to her, her behavior towards work is the result of various influences she had over the years. Her philosophy towards dealing with students is focused on not about who they are now and then but on what they could possibly do. She added that as a part of her duty was to boost student’s potentials. She shared that whenever students come in at the Guidance Office, she opens their mind to the potential they could make for the future. Before she was promoted to the College Department, she left a legacy to the JMarians to live by the standards set by the school. Thus, she initiated a program where the guidance office awards a roving trophy of excellence to Grade 8 Mozart, Advisory of Ms. Catherine A. Bocado. At the last part of the interview, she said, “When I first came here, I had my expectations with the level of excellence; sadly I did not find what I was looking for. Excellence is very hard to understand because it is so abstract. But with this project, it will help the students understand excellence easily. I made these indicators to help them reach for excellence easier. So yes, I believe that it will lead them to the culture of excellence.” This endeavor will be continued as the new Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Jocelyn Dela Piedra, takes over the office.

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