To be a leading world-class educational institution in the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific Region.


As a private non-sectarian, non-profit educational institution, the Jose Maria College shall uphold the culture of excellence to produce individuals who are spiritually, morally, mentally and academically nurtured in an environment where education is accessible to all.

Specifically, the Jose Maria College shall strive to:

  • Focus on research undertakings, relevant and responsive faculty and student development plans, and sustainable community-based programs as bases for sustaining the good foundation of the school system;
  • Inculcate into the minds of students the significance of living a righteous life, being excellent, and above all, being God-fearing;
  • Promote initiatives that shall enhance ecological integrity;
  • Provide career-oriented degree courses and technical education programs in an environment where there is equal access to education regardless of nationality, culture and religious affiliation;
  • Educate and train individuals for productivity improvement and responsible citizenship to be globally competitive; and
  • Produce leaders who will make a difference in the country and the world.


The Jose Maria College shall:

  • Provide appropriate enhancement programs to produce graduates with the highest rate of efficiency and effectiveness in all government and other competitive examinations, and who will be employed as professionals;
  • Provide dynamic career pathing to upgrade the academic qualifications of the faculty, staff, and administrative officials;
  • Deliver its strategic aims based on its institutional development plan which serves as the blueprint for its major endeavours in accreditation, research, instruction, promotion, and community extension services;
  • Facilitate placement of graduates, fellowship, and grants-in-aid for the education welfare of deserving students and faculty through local, national, and international linkages;
  • Attain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation for its government recognized courses as an enabling pre-requisite to offer relevant graduate programs leading to Masters and Doctorate degrees preparatory to a university status;
  • Establish E-classroom, E-library, modernized engineering, physics and allied sciences laboratories as well as component laboratories;
  • Provide adequate financial assistance to sports activities and enhanced other intra/extracurricular activities of students;
  • Facilitate the application to the Commission on Higher Education for the identification of Jose Maria College as Center of Development (COD)/Center of Excellence on its courses offered; and
  • Establish international networking consortium among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific Region.