JMC recognizes and honors excellence of the youth that it commits to offer several types of scholarships in recognition of student academic achievements, participation/membership in co-curricular and athletic programs, and scholarships based on “need.”

Specifically, JMC offers academic scholarships, student assistantships, athletic scholarships, cultural scholarships and other scholarship grants such as the Skills Enhancement and Educational Development for Students.

  1. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP IN COLLEGE - This is given to incoming college freshmen students who graduated and topped in their class in High School.
  • With Highest Honors: 
    100% Free Tuition;
    50% Discount on Miscellaneous Fees;
  • With High Honors: 
    100% Free Tuition
  • With Honors:
    50% Free Tuition

  1. GIFT OF EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP – Grantees of this scholarship will enjoy the following;

                                     CATEGORY A- 100 % tuition and miscellaneous

                                     CATEGORY B- 100 % tuition discount

                                     CATEGORY C- 75 % tuition fee discount

                                     CATEGORY D- 50 % tuition fee discount

  1. ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT SYSTEM (AFPEBS) – This is given to military personnels and their dependents:
  • 50% tuition discount: requires thirty (30) or more enrollees from preparatory to tertiary level
  • 30% tuition discount: requires less than thirty (30) enrollees from preparatory to tertiary level
  • 10% tuition discount: requires ten (10) or more enrollees ONLY for Caregiving and other TESDA courses
  • 5% tuition discount: requires less than ten (10) enrollees ONLY for Caregiving and other TESDA courses

  1. ATHLETIC AND VARSITY SCHOLARSHIP - This is given to qualified JMC Varsity and Athletics Team.

  1. CULTURAL SCHOLARSHIP - This is given to members of the Sinagila Chorale and Dance Troupe.

  1. SIBLINGS DISCOUNT - Special discounts are given to siblings, brothers and sisters, who are enrolled in the college. Discounts range from 10% to 100% depending on the number of siblings enrolled in the same school year/semester.

  1. MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT - this is a privilege given only to bona fide Kingdom of Jesus Christ members such that they can avail of discount on tuition fees which ranges from 10% to 50%.

  1. SCHOLARSHIP ON TERTIARY EDUCATION PROGRAM (STEP) – This is a City Government of Davao initiated scholarship program for the under-privileged but deserving youth of Davao.

  1. JMC EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT - 100% discount on tuition fees will be granted to children of JMC employees from time of admission up to graduation (renewable every semester).

  1. COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION (CHED) ADMINISTERED STUDENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS - CHED Special Study Grant Program for the qualified constituents of the Congressman/Congressional Districts/Party Lists.

  1. EDUCATIONAL VOUCHER SYSTEM (ESC) – This is given to incoming first year high school students preferably from the public schools to avail of private education with government subsidizing part of their tuition fees through the GATSPE.

  1. OPEN HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM (OHSP) - OHSP is an alternative mode of formal secondary education program of the Department of Education (DepED). The program provides an opportunity for elementary school graduates, high school drop-outs and successful examinees of the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) to complete secondary education in a purely distance learning mode.




Scholarship Director

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