Bachelor of Elementary Education


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Produce educators who are globally competent in knowledge and skills; visionaries at
the forefronts of service imbued with deep commitment to holistic human development.


    1. Equip future teachers with knowledge and skills required to qualify them for the various
    functions and roles involved in the teaching profession;
    2. Provide a well-planned, relevant and outcome based curriculum vis-à-vis the guidelines set
    by the Commission of Higher Education.
    3. Give opportunities for exposure to areas of instruction, research and extension relevant to
    the teaching profession;
    4. Immerse student-teachers in different teaching-learning environment in actual classroom
    settings both in private and public schools which they can apply learned pedagogy into
    practice; and
    5. Adhere to all the domains stipulated in the Philippine Professional Standard for Teachers
    (PPST) to acquire minimum qualifications necessary for the teaching profession.


      Bachelor of Elementary Education

      1. Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the diversity of leaners in various learning areas.

      2. Manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of the different subject areas.

      3. Utilize appropriate assessment and evaluation tools to measure learning outcomes.

      4. Manifest skills in communication, higher order thinking and use of tools and technology to accelerate learning and teaching.

      5. Demonstrate positive attributes of a model teacher, both as an individual and as a professional.

      6. Manifest a desire to continuously pursue personal and professional development.

        Career Opportunities

        College Professor

        High School Teacher

        Elementary School Teacher

        Kindergarten Teacher


        School Administrator