Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 


To be a premier institution of international recognition in accountancy education producing morally upright world-class accountants who are responsive to the needs of the global community.


We Produce competent professional accountant who exude a high degree of competence, value, morals and attributes capable of making a positive contribution to society in public practice, commerce and industry, government service or education.

Graduate Outcomes

  •  Skilled in resolving business issues and problems with a global perspective and particular emphasis on matters confronting financial statement preparers and users; proficient in financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting and auditing, taxation and accounting information system;

  • Conduct accounting research through independent studies or relevant literature and appropriate use of accounting theory and methodologies;

  • Employ technology as business tool in capturing financial and nonfinancial information generating reports and making decision;

  • apply knowledge and skills that will enable them to successfully respondent to various types of assessments (including professional licensure and certification), and 

  • Confidently maintain a professional commitment to goods corporation citizenship, social responsibility and ethical practice when performing function as professional accountant 

Career Opportunities


Accounting associate

Audit staff 

Financial accounting and reporting staff

State accounting examiner

State accountant

Budget analyst