Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Bachelor of Science in Social Works


The leader in Social Work Education in the Philippines committed to promote social advocacies, knowledge development, and exemplary service.


We provide a holistic curriculum that prepares students for advanced social work
practice to serve a diverse society; produce ethical, just and efficient professionals who
can be catalysts of change in the community they serve, and leaders in knowledge
building and information dissemination that is evidence-based.


    ● Promote economic equality and social justice, and engage in policy and decision
    making geared towards meeting societal demands for efficiency and utility.
    ● Apply critical thinking in evidence-based and evidence-informed practices;
    ● Engage in reasoned discernment in choosing tools for developmental, protective,
    preventive and/ or therapeutic intervention;
    ● Conduct research and recognize its ethical use in social work practice; and
    ● Exemplars of public service imbibed with compassion, respect, responsibility and
    integrity in addressing human needs.

      Career Opportunities


      Family service worker

      Habilitation specialist

      Mental health assistant

      Residential care manager

      Activity/workshop director