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The Founding President of Jose Maria College once again speaks to JMarians in a President’s Hour held November 26, 2019 at the KJC Cathedral.

Despite his busy schedule, Pastor Apollo took time to check on the welfare of the students and share words of wisdom.

“Avoid drugs. Avoid hurtful and harmful vices in your life,” were his constant reminders.

Moreover, he also gave updates about the recent achievements and future plans for the institution showing also a video of the walk-through to the future ACQ Global Resort University (ACQ-GRU).

“Students, you are the number one stakeholder of JMC. You are the clientele of the school. I always consider your welfare as top priority,” Pastor says.

Finally, the Founding President also promised a more transparent system when dealing with the finances of the school making sure that it will be used to serve the best interest of the students.

Before ending, Pastor Apollo shared about his new TV program coming up “STOP, now na!”

STOP an acronym meaning Solutions To Our Problems, will soon be airing as a public service program giving immediate free legal and medical assistance to people in need.


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