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1. Criteria for Student’s Admission

Any student may be admitted in Kinder 1 to Grade 12 provided he/she must meet all the following requirements:

I. He/she must pass the entrance examination given by the school. (Because of the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis, JMC have opted to waive the admission tests for incoming freshman students.)

II. He/she has the pertinent enrollment credentials:

  1.    Form 138A or Report Card
  2.    Learner Reference Number (LRN)
  3.    Good Moral Certificate
  4.    PSA Birth Certificate
  5.    Medical Certificate
  6.    Laboratory Result for CBC, Urinalysis, and Blood Typing
  7.    2 x 2 Pictures of Father, Mother & Student (1 copy each)
  8.    Php 20.00 for Customized Envelope

III. Additional Requirements for Grade 11

  1. Certificate of Completion in Grade 10
  2. ESC Certification with School ID Number (For ESC Grantees)
  3. NCAE Result

IV. Additional Requirements for SPED students

  1. Photocopy of latest Developmental Pediatrician’s Assessment
  2. Recommendation from SPED school that the child is ready for mainstreaming

V. Additional Requirements for Foreign Students

  1. Special Study Permit from the Bureau of Immigration
  2.  School Records with Red Ribbon (Authenticated by Embassy)Passport (Original & Photocopy)
  3. Birth Certificate (Translated into English)
  4. Notarized Guardian’s Authority
  5. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

2. Probationary Status

A student will be placed on a probationary status if:

  1. He/she obtains a general rating of Below Average in the Entrance Exam;
  2. He/she obtains a general average lower than 80%;
  3. He/she has a failure in at least one subject; and
  4. He/she is retained in the grade level.


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