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The City Government Davao, a local government unit organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, represented by Mayor Sara “Inday” Z. Duterte and the JOSE MARIA COLLEGE (JMC) a non-sectarian educational institution duly accredited by the Commission on Higher Education signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for Doctor of Medicine Scholarship, represented by Rev. Exec. Pastor Dr. Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Founding President of the institution, today June 27, 2019 at the City Mayor’s Conference Hall.

Pursuant to the General Welfare Clause under Section 16 of the Local Government Code of 1991, the City Government of Davao initiates and offers to assist the poor yet deserving students, who want to complete medical education and make a career of their own, through the institution of the Medical Educational Assistance Program which is the Doctor of Medicine.

The City Government of Davao, through the Program, pledges and undertakes to grant full scholarship consisting of payment of tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, other fees that may be assessed by the medical school, and book allowance pursuant to the scholarship guidelines promulgated by the Educational Benefit System Unit.

Jose Maria COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Foundation, the 3rd NEWEST School of Medicine in the Region, is willing to support and become an effective partner in the implementation and fulfillment of the noble objectives of the Program and willing to be the provider for the medical education of the beneficiaries or scholars of the Program.

The said agreement shall govern the duties and responsibilities of the parties in the administration and implementation of the City Government of Davao’s Medical Educational Assistance Program under Executive Order No. 7, Series of 2014, titled an “Order Strengthening the Educational Assistance Program of the City Government of Davao” and for related purposes, as amended by Executive Order No. 11 series of 2017.

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