Students enrolled in Development Communication geared up to tackle the many faces of poverty confronting underprivileged and highly depressed communities in the city.

Through its community radio program entitled Barangay Affairs, the Mass Communication students comprehensively discussed the pros and cons of the outstanding issues in the city pertaining to education, electrification and road projects which yet to be resolved.

BAMC Program head and Development Communication Instructor Mark Narreto recognized the role of the mass media to nation building and promotion of national development.

“The mass media, more than a watchdog to the government, must be an instrument of social change by forging partnership with the government to achieve economic growth and development,” Narreto said.

He also added that while media is a very influential entity in shaping public opinion, it must see to it that exposing the ills of the society should never resort to condemning or critiquing the government of its shortcomings but to enlighten the public to work hand in hand with the government sector instead.

Guest speakers from the City Engineers Office, Communal Local Government Unit and residents from the Matina Aplaya Sama Laut Tribal Community came to share their stories and concerns for them to be heard and understood by the community better.

The Barangay Affairs is one of the major productions of the Mass Communication program of the Jose Maria College which seeks to uncover the many social predicaments the country has to address with urgency.


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