Around 200 educators both from private and public schools in Davao City convened during the Consultative Conference of Davao Educators at Jose Maria College KJC Cathedral to discuss issues and concerns confronting education in Mindanao.

Davao City Councilor Pilar Braga, in a privilege speech pointed out that schools in the city lacks facilities and services hampering students’ academic growth and development.

“As of this date, there is a need of 12,688 classrooms and 10, 718 arm chairs to meet the ideal class size of 1 chair to 1 child ratio from grades 1-12,” Braga cited.

The councilor also raised issues on the inadequate water supply among 195 schools in the city which could attribute to poor health and unsanitary practices among school children.

She added that almost 100 schools in the city, 30% of which are public schools, do not have electricity nor internet connection.

Braga assured the stakeholders that the Committee of Education is doing its best to address issues and concerns in Education not only in the city but also in Mindanao.

“The city government wants to ensure the quality of education as we are looking towards the national government to fund some of the educational program for Mindanao”, Braga said.

Meanwhile the councilor also revealed that the city council is eyeing Marilog, known as the Summer Capital of Davao City, to be the location for the proposed educators’ center project to be established soon.

The Consultative Conference of Davao Educators was made possible through the initiative of the City Council Committee of Education, Science and Technology, Arts and Culture.

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