Empowering the youth and building their capacity to become the leaders of tomorrow are the keys to a brighter future. Jose Maria College firmly believes that Scouting is perhaps one of the world’s best platforms for achieving these goals.

The Scout investiture ceremony is an important milestone. It provides an opportunity for these young Scouts to publicly affirm their commitment to the Scout law and promise.

Each scout is expected to do their duty to God, to the Philippines, and to be of service to Davao community. Scouting teaches many things, but the main purpose of it all focuses on the simple fact that of infusing a clear sense of right and wrong among our youth.

If the young people have Scouting as an option during their free time they are more likely to withstand peer pressure and less likely to be involved in negative, illegal, immoral, and unethical behavior. They are less likely to engage in such dangerous activities as underage drinking, negative behavior, and use of illegal drugs.

Instead, their time will be productively used in learning new skills, community service, excitement, and fun.
Scouting is not just for young people – it is a lifetime commitment. Scout Troops need dedicated adults as Troop leaders – this is an exciting chance for adults in the community to give of their time and ability to help build this nation’s future.

JMC as an institution encourages parents to continue nurturing the Scouts to grow and sustain
this important effort and to support Scouting by volunteering when possible to help with Scout activities.

Parents and community leaders can take great pride in seeing youth engaged in such a rich program of learning, fun, and empowerment.

Congratulations to the new Scouts, their parents and to every individual involved in this noble endeavor. Thank you and Mabuhay!

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