“I only have one vision for you; it is for you to become the most successful people in the world. It’s for all of you to succeed in life” These were the words of the Founding President to all JMC students as he speaks during the Founding President’s Hour.

Despite his hectic schedule, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, Founding President of the Jose Maria College finds time to speak to JMarians in the regularly conducted Founding President’s Hour on January 21, 2019.

The Founding President’s speech for the first President’s Hour in 2019 centered on the values of respect, sensitivity to the needs of fellow students, camaraderie and brotherhood.

He emphasized that although there were differences in religions because JMC is a non-sectarian school, he reminded the students that they should not forget above all that the human being is not complete without the spiritual values, despite the differences in beliefs, spirituality is man’s relationship with the Almighty and the depth of this relationship translates to one’s values.

He reminded the students on the use of social media which somehow diverts the youths’ attention nowadays. He stressed that both the bad and the good can now be found on the internet; but what should distinguish a JMarian from all the rest is their ability to read good from bad through the values instilled in them by the school.  He reiterated his stand against bullying highlighting that in JMC, bullying is a serious offense.

Before ending his short talk, the Founding President announced some of the milestones among others and one of  which is  the school is currently working on establishing the Jose Maria Institute of Medicine and Research which will soon pave the way to the opening of the College of Medicine which came next in line after the founding of the College of Law which is now going on its fourth year of operation.

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