College students promote confidence and self-esteem through a personality development fashion show held last March 17, 2018 at the Jose Maria College (JMC) Audio Visual Room (AVR).

Named “The Colors of Summer,” the show was themed after the upcoming season and aims to showcase the different personalities of the students.


“Fashion shows are not only chances of showing off a particular aesthetic, a particular mood, a particular feeling or point of view, but it also help in boosting our self-confidence and thus, develop our overall personality,” Relynhart Pomicpic, JMC’s personality development instructor said.

After a tough deliberation, Yeddah Marie Billedo and Vygie Lugil Bayubay were declared as the Female and Male Icon of the year.


“It was good to be part of a show that has a very relevant advocacy. A lot of teenagers nowadays have low self-esteem and through simple activities like this, we can show how much we can improve as a person,” Billedo expressed.

Through similar activities, JMC seeks to provide more avenues for students to express their emotions, showcase their talents and boost their self-esteem.

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