The Senior High School (SHS) students attain 100 percent passing rate in the assessment held last March 9, 2018.
All 29 Senior High School takers passed the assessment, they were, Ellen Batoy, Kimberly Cariat, Justine Joy Jumigop,Mitchel Tabotabo, Sherwin Abad,Abo- Abo Ariel,John Lloyd Ando, Dharen Anos, Joshua James Baret, Kenneth Blanca, Jessie Cajes, Argie Dela Cruz, Adonis Delgado,Ivan Jay Geverola, Kenneth Hayag, Romiel Jay Hemio, Ashrarkhan Jamsuri, Froilan Jay Mallorca, Jihn Daryl Mamac, Rico Martirez, Ibnehak Muzza, Jhanlenon Pagharion, Jeffer John Pal, Mark Clemence Parong, Eduardo Repetillo, George Somosot, Warren John Talaid, Til-adan Mark James, Til-adan Mark Joseph.

“We are very happy of the achievement of our Senior High School students. Getting their National Competency Certificates is seen as an equivalent to providing them a tool to become self-sustaining. Coupled with the right values, the skills that they have could become their springboard to personal success.” Joannie Largo, SHS teacher, said.

On the other hand, the TVL for housekeeping and healthcare tracks will have their exams on the last week of March.

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