This project aims to provide quality instructional materials, language, and literacy teachers and build a conducive place for 500 rural children learners or indigenous peoples' children, teach reading and writing to these children in order to strengthen their functional literacy making them more confident in proceeding to higher levels of learning.


There are around 2.5 million Indigenous Peoples (IP) children living in remote or Rural areas where public schools offer very limited facilities. Mindanao, Philippines, is one such place where Indigenous Peoples' communities are found. Far off villages specifically, those located in mountainous areas have very limited school facilities which often result to functional illiteracy eventually leading to children's disinterest in attending school.


This project desires to reach out to Indigenous Peoples' communities located in Mindanao, Philippines educate and reinforce their language and literacy through teaching reading and writing utilizing enjoyable lesson strategies suited to the unique culture and needs of Indigenous Peoples which will surely engage the children, to love reading and writing.


The project targets to facilitate functional literacy to a target population of 500 Indigenous Peoples' children, providing them with education, functional literacy skills. Enhanced literacy skills would lead to self-confidence and gradually eliminate inferiority paving the way to the acquisition of additional life skills which they can use to lead modest lives and become future contributors of progress in their own communities and to the country as a whole.

Retired Project!

This project is no longer accepting donations.