The JMC community extension program and services, as one of the main thrust of functions to complement instruction and research, will aid people who need assistance in terms of their physical, material, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Also, the community extension program and services are intended to classify and identify the needs, wants and problems encountered daily by the different individuals. Full participation from Jose Maria College administration, teachers, staff, students and supporters in the community extension program and services is assured.


To educate men and women for effective and satisfying personal and family life an d responsible citizenship; To prepare leaders in the various field of life, child development and spiritual enhancement; To provide leadership in the field of research; To contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of Filipinos through the community extension and volunteer services programs; To address the constitutional provision to strengthen the family as the foundation of the nation; To enhance appreciation and valuing of relationship to others and develop self-reliance and self-improvement; and To develop program that can support and help various communities.

Faculty and Staff Participation

Teaching and administrative staff are required to have one hundred twenty (120) hours of community extension services per year at the Community Extension Service Office (CES).

For information on JMC extension programs please contact:
Mr. Pedro Pablo