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It is JMC that honed my well-being and explore the multidimensional aspects of life. I’m very grateful to all the people behind this institution especially to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and to his programs being one of his Academic Scholars for they serve as my direction for me to be productive in life and in the society today.

Leonie Cris N. Bajenting, LPT, MAEd

SHS Teacher II SHS Curriculum Head, DepEd - Davao City

Being a student-athlete wasn’t easy. You have rigid training at night, and then you have early class schedule the next day and then training again in the evening. It was physically and mentally exhausting. Yet, I surpassed it. Glad I had competent Psychology professors who instilled in me that taking care of my mental health was as important as taking care of my physical health. Through the efforts of the JMC Administration, my coaches and teammates, I have become who I am today. And of course, I am truly grateful to Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy for his great vision and dream for us athletes and for giving us a chance to have quality education for free.

Ana Veronica M. Conception

Registered Psychometrician Police Lieutenant Psychology Officer Health Service, Phil. National Police, Camp Crame

The mentorship of JMC teachers and continual support taught me to value my technical skills. It wasn’t just the culture, but also the highly skilled instructors, who set exceptional standards, who affirmed that focusing on my skills and passion would lead me to my successes.

Lastly, to the man behind JMC, Pastor Apollo c. Quiboloy, thank you for allowing me to experience Jmarian education. I will be forever grateful to my alma mater.

Gilbert Gituya

Senior FullStack Developer, AlphaMed Inc. Dubai, UAE

In the course of accomplishing anything, I am devoted to ensuring that I do so with excellence, always. That is the discipline that Jose Maria College has instilled in me and the same practice that has helped me achieve my goals. Excellence is a way of life for each JMarian and I found that it has contributed greatly to doing well in the JMC College of Law. The practice and discipline I had in college has definitely prepared me for law school and in succeeding in my career.

Rizz Monique J. Macato

Office Administrator , Online Jobs Philippines

I am proud and blessed to be one of the scholars of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s “Gift of Education”. My alma matter has provided me well with the quality education in the field of IT which has helped me sharpen my skills and confidence to become a competent IT professional.

Alex Alipoyo

Software Test Engineer, Dev Partners Philippines, Inc.

The Jose Maria College has taught me that there will always be a million reasons to dream big and to never give up.

Marian L. Ambrocio

BS in Accountancy (GOE Scholar)

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