Dr. Nelia Q. Canada shows the big picture of the JMC Community Extension Services.

Jose Maria College Community Extension Service (CES) office headed by Mr. Pedro A. Pablo conducted a workshop for the faculty and staff last Aug. 18, 2017. The activity which started at 9:00 in the morning was held at the Audio-Visual Room of Jose Maria College. The group was divided into different clusters or programs. Dr. Nelia Q. Canada, the school administrator gave the overview of the workshop.

She widened everyone’s comprehension to grasp the entire picture of the situation of the institution delving into the community whose people have various needs and who come from various ethnic groups. According to her, each major ethnic group must be well-represented.

Mr. Pablo explained the process flow of the CES. He also oriented the group in formulating the needs assessment so as to identify and respond to the needs of the targeted community. Each department may devise the kind of program according to their areas of Dr. Nelia Q. Canada shows the big picture of the CES.

She mentioned Civil Engineering who, for example, may tie up with the barangay in road constructions, repairs, paintings, and various projects related to the subjects under the Engineering program. Mr. Ronnie Mendoza, a CES staff, expounded on the details of the action plan, the contents of the project proposal and the process of integration of the CES in the curriculum. Some faculty members right then presented their proposed action plans. As an output, every department was asked to present their proposed action plans. Engr. Jose Rosener Guyano, the school’s Quality Management Assurance Coordinator talked about the sustainability plan. He stressed the need for engagement of everyone in the institution, such as students’ involvement so that the result will have a higher impact.

To come up with the need, case studies and researches are necessary. There should also be a budget allocation within the term and start-up amount for mobilization and budget buffer or backup like giving, donations, or grants. He added that it is important to monitor especially the financial statements and the narrative of the progress. Likewise, evaluation is required if the project or projects are to continue or be replicated.

Engr. Guyano also cited some examples of the CES projects that should be connected to the curriculum so that the program is well communicated with each department. To attain sustainability, he reminded everyone that the
program should first be seen in a bigger picture so that engagement can be achieved. If the program is effective, well-planned and well-documented, it may also be replicated in other areas or communities.

Mr. Pedro Pablo demonstrates how JMC departments would assess the CES needs.

Mrs. Teresita Mendoza, a CES staff, proposed organizing all proposals into the calendar of activities after their approval. She presented the calendar containing initial schedules. After the workshop, assessment is arranged on the 19th of August 2017 for needs assessment in the school’s adopted barangay which is Tamayong in Calinan District, Davao City. August 30 is already on the calendar as the Awarding for “Gulayan sa Tugkaran” and Sports Clinic.

Once again, Dr. Canada highlighted the involvement of the dean. She also required every cluster to have an activity for the CES once a month. She assured that the local officials and Purok leaders of the school’s adopted barangay can help facilitate the needs assessment. She underscored the need to follow the timeline in all the activities and the research projects.

After the topics were presented, the group also figured out how to help one another in conducting the needs assessment for each cluster or program as well as how the research projects of the faculty may be expedited. Accordingly, a division of labor and teamwork is the key towards the immediate realization of all these plans. The whole activity was tied up to the institutional plan. As the complete picture was shown, JMC hopes to strengthen its research and community extension services.

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