“To do no falsehood, to perform the best of one’s knowledge and discretion and to impose voluntary obligations without any mental reservations”
With integrity and conviction, the newly set of officers from various academic and non-academic organizations of the Jose Maria College – College Department solemnly swore to serve the students to the best of their abilities as they took the Oath of Promise at the JMC College Library on June 24, 2016.

Student leaders from Supreme Student Government (SSG), Mass Communicators in Action Society (MCAS), Social Welfare Advocates Club (SWAC), Association of Psychology Students (APS), Future Educators Association (FEdA), Future Achievers and Masters in English (FAME), Association of Criminology Students (ACS), Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Junior Finance Executives (JFINEX), Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES), and Alliance of Information Technology Education Students (AITES) pledged to commit genuine service.

The ceremony was spearheaded by the Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Danilo Mejica.

“With great power comes a great responsibility. Words uttered are not only by the mouth. But it is the heart that expresses and the mind that tells that will bring out the best of these ‘best’ in holding great responsibility being worthy leaders of this institution,” Dr. Mejica said in his speech.

By Michael Marcial

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