Members of different agencies from both public and private sectors convened to discuss pressing issues on education and seek for ways to alleviate such concerns.

Hosted by the Jose Maria College, in coordination with the City Council’s Committee on Education, Science and Technology, and Arts and Culture led by its chair, Dr. Pilar C. Braga, the Consultative Conference of Davao Educators last September 28, 2016 became an avenue for public and private agencies to raise their concerns about education.

“We are gathered here for a very important reason and that is to further improve the quality of education in our region,” Atty. Alberto T. Escobarte, regional director for the Department of Education (DepEd)-Region XI, mentioned in his speech.

“I believe that a strong partnership between the public and private sectors must be forged,” Atty. Escobarte added.

The consultative conference also allowed the Davao City division office to present the educational concerns of the city.

Led by Davao City’s schools division superintendent, Dr. Maria Ines C. Asuncion, the division office showed an audio-visual presentation about the city’s current status on education.

“With these in mind, let’s work together to provide our students quality education,” Dr. Asuncion added.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-Region XI, led by its regional director, Dr. Raul Alvarez, also presented the concerns with regard to college education in the region.

“Many of our college students enroll in courses that do not meet the need of the workforce of industries. It is time for our students to be aware of what the industries need and respond to those,” Dr. Alvarez mentioned.

Dr. Alvarez also said that CHED has provided educational opportunities for college students through scholarships.

On the other hand, the issue about the prevalence of private school teachers’ transfer to public schools was also raised in the conference.

Dr. Linell G. Malimbag, president of Brokenshire College, stated the reasons why private school teachers end up resigning to transfer to public schools.

“This exodus of private school teachers to the public sector puts private schools in the losing end. These teachers are trained by the private schools, but because the public schools offer better compensation and benefits, these teachers leave us,” Dr. Malimbag said.

She also addressed the plan of the Duterte administration to provide a high salary increase for public school teachers.

“We call for lower tax brackets for teachers and subsidies for salary competitiveness for them,” she added.

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