Students from the College Department gathered to celebrate World Teachers’ Day at the JMC 4th Floor Extension to show their love and respect to their mentors.

Spearheaded by the Office of the Student Affairs and Development (OSAD) office in partnership with the Supreme Student Government (SSG), the college department has truly recognized and valued the role of the teachers in upholding students’ growth and development.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Danilo L. Mejica spoke to the students about the role of the teachers in the academe and underscored its impact to one’s life.

“Teachers plant seed of knowledge, heal your ignorance and inspire your creativity. Today, we lead the school. Tomorrow, you will lead the world,” he said.

SSG led the opening of the tribute presentation and recognized the members of the college faculty.

Back to back high powered performances and special presentation rendered by Hip Low, Sinagila Dance Arts Ensemble and Sinagila Chorale group had been staged to entertain the crowd.

Chocolates, flowers and tokens of appreciation, big and small, were handed over by the students to their teachers.

The celebration concluded with a community lunch served for teachers at their respective program offices.

By Rinko Kikuchi

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