Good news! Jose Maria College got a higher rating compared last year’s performance in terms of emergency response procedures.

Bureau of Fire Protection XI congratulated the management for the active participation of the students, teaching and non-teachning personnel during the drill.

BFP Senior Officer Antonio Mariscal said that the performance and behavior of the students this year is more mature compared to last year’s as he noticed fast and systematic evacuation procedure which is a good indicator of a lesser or zero-casualty community.

He also added that he noticed that most of sectors of the community are involved in preparing for the emergency drill.

The fire officer noted that he observed a well-organized emergency response teams that facilitate faster evacuation, headcount and fire-fighting procedures.

“I congratulate the management for taking this activity seriously and for providing the school with necessary facilities that will help mitigate and prevent any forms of accidents and possible death-related incidents in responding to emergency situations,” Mariscal cited.

The annual fire and emergency drill simulation serves as pursuant to RA 10121 otherwise known as the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 which seeks to educate the community about disaster management.

By Noel Mausisa

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