Jose Maria College is co-hosting with the Office of the City Mayor, the first Consultative Conference of Davao Educators to be held on September 28, 2016 in Jose Maria College campus.

The conference (which was conceptualized and initiated by Councilor Dr. Pilar Braga, Chairperson on Committee in Education) aims to consult with Davao Educators as to the state of education in Davao City, i.e., challenges/concerns/problems; and will attempt to provide resolutions that will be taken to the attention of higher government for action.


The conference includes presentations of position papers from Department of Education, Region XI; Division of the City Schools; Commission on Higher Education; TESDA; Private-Catholic sector, and Private-Non-Catholic sector. Reactors to position papers include representatives from DACS, ACT, LUMADS, DACUN and PAFTE. Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and Vice-Mayor Paolo Duterte, as hosts, will welcome participants.

Keynote speech will be given by Davao City Mayor, Atty. Sara Carpio. It is anticipated that the majority of school/college/university administrators in Davao City will participate in the conference.

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