Emotions are high as the Senior High School faculty and students get busy for the incoming Intramurals 2017 come November 27-29 which will be held at the JMC grounds. This year’s theme is “Celebrating 15 Years of Journey towards a  World-Class JMC.”

     For 14 years, Jose Maria College had been celebrating the week-long Foundation anniversary alongside with the intramurals every August. This year, however, the highly-anticipated intramural sports were moved to November during the second semester which resulted to every one’s eyes in the campus sparkling with excitement as to what this year’s intramurals have in store for all.

     As one roams around the Senior High School Department, one can see how diligently students work together in unity as they prepare and train for their upcoming final performances and championships. The activities were initially divided into three – sports, musical, and lite


rary. Literary events, however, were moved to January in line with the institution’s celebration of the English Month.

     Another change was made with the teams so that each will showcase and compete with their absolutely world-class talents. Details were explained during the team reorganization. To adjust to the growing number of the student population in the Senior High School level, groupings were made by section, merging both Grade 11 and 12 for a fairer play. They were all equally divided into four teams: The Blazing Sparrows, The Ferocious Falcon, The Incredible Hawk, and The Legendary Phoenix. This paves the way to achieving the institution’s goal to strive for excellence down to the students’ level.

     Even during the first elimination rounds of the sports events, the students showed off their best skills. Team support was evident that even the class advisers persistently supported all their players in chess, basketball, and volleyball. It was notable that, including the staff, there was no backing down in giving out all their best efforts to be competitive. It was awesome to witness that everyone had a goal, held the standard of grace and excellence and perfection even during pressure.

     Seeing how much this school is willing to embrace change for the sake of the greater good, one’s heart is warmed by the fire being lighted to break the boundaries and let love, peace and joy reign among the JMarians. Everybody is excited to see what is going to happen to this year’s intramurals. With everyone pumped up to do his best with integrity and excellence, the students can showcase how it is to be world-class. Each team is looking forward to be hailed as the best among this year’s best.

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