Musical competition featuring the vocal solo and Sync Galing among the Grade School, Junior and Senior High School and college students and Baby Shark Challenge for Grades One to Three highlighted the second-day competitions of the Jose Maria College Intramurals 2017.

In the morning, students who have talent in writing and drawing joined the essay writing, digital poster making and painting contests while the preschoolers enjoyed their fun fitness activity at the JMC Plaza. Those adept in indoor games proceeded to their respective venues in the JMC building to compete in chess, scrabble, word factory, Sudoku, dart, table tennis, Rubik’s cube and karate while those skillful in athletics vied for victory in the 100-meter dash, javelin throw and walkathon at the KJC open field.

The Senior High School cheered at their contenders in the championship games for basketball and volleyball at the JMC sky gym on the afternoon of the second day.

The three-day intramural activities are most awaited by the students because through the various events, students have the chance to boost their skills, fix their mindset and develop their confidence. Even when they are freed from school works, sports teach them teamwork and ability to work well with their co-employees which are an important attribute when they become professionals one day.

Students also learn the value of sportsmanship. The ability to accept defeat gracefully is a sign of maturity and a requisite for success. They also learn the importance of humility and guard themselves against arrogance and boastfulness. Displaying sportsmanship entails a lot of self-discipline, integrity, respect, responsibility, and courage.

Though they come from different strands, they are united in the fun, amusement and excitement as they witness the jaw-dropping talents and socialize with other students on the campus.


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