The Office of the Student Affairs and Discipline (OSAD) in partnership with the Supreme Student Government (SSG) conducted the annual Students’ Orientation for the school year 2016-2017 on June 27 at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) Cathedral.

Old students, transferees and returnees came to pay attention to selected school officials who presented the school’s existing and newly drafted policies for this school year.

The orientation was spearheaded by OSAD Director Joshua Martinez who raised students’ awareness on school polices, rules and regulations, security protocols and students services.

“The orientation seeks to strengthen the consciousness of the college students, old and new, about the policies and standards set by the school as these have been stipulated in the vision and mission of Jose Maria College in which they have to obey,” Martinez said.

SSG revisited some of the most important policies in the students handbook such as the English Speaking Policy including the corresponding sanctions.
The orientation concluded with words of encouragement from the OSAD Director underscoring the importance of obedience in the attainment of goals and the pursuit of any forms of undertaking.

“Rules are made for guidance. The Institution made its rules not for its own sake but for you. We are here to mold you as valuable future citizens in this nation. The bright future starts here, your home,” he added.

By Lyra Diansay

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