Veteran journalist and Philippine Star senior correspondent Cito Beltran urged ‘would-be’ members of the press to uphold the sanctity of the news by keeping steadfast with integrity and accountability in the practice of the craft.

While Philippine media is bombarded with many controversies and negative publicity on biased reportage, students taking communication-related degrees, according to Beltran, must keep abreast with fair and honest principles in gathering information and accurate methods of reporting facts to the public at all times.

“The news is a reflection of a news maker’s dignity and credibility being the purveyor of truth and social justice,” Beltran cited.

He added that Journalism is one of the world’s noblest professions as it brings the world in the front line of matters of public interest despite the risks and rigors of the job.

“Being accountable means being ready to accept the consequences one may have to face once the news is published and being able to acknowledge his work no matter what”, he said.

The senior correspondent was invited by the Ateneo de Davao University Humanities and Letters Department as its resource speaker during the annual McLuhan Forum 2016.

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