14 entries of monochromatic images depicting the life story of ordinary people flocked at Roxas Night Market were displayed in a photo gallery during the launching of the Kaleidoscope 2016, a photojournalism exhibition presented by the Mass Communication students in celebration of this year’s International Week of Peace.

Students came to visit Roxas Night Market a week after the bombing incident and took several images of people who chose to hang out with peers and loved ones despite the security threats in the area.

It can be recalled that a blast rocked Roxas Night Market in the evening of September 2, 2016 killing the lives of innocent and injuring several individuals.

“This is our way of saying to the people of Davao that the best way to end terrorism is to stand tall and go out without having to fear in terms of security. We have to show to the world that Davao City remains safe and nobody can pull us down,” Mass Communication student John Flor said in an interview.

While photojournalism is a silent medium, images remain to be an effective instrument of Mass Communication in bringing out the truth to the viewing public.

“Photography serves as the eye in the vast world of Mass Communication. Our audience appreciates the message more if the message is seen clearly and depicted accurately,” Visual Communication Instructor Mark Narreto said.

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