“Being selfless requires a great deal of confidence.”

This was the statement of 2LT Giovanni M. Gallardo, administrative officer of the 11th Regional Community Defense Group (RCDG XI) when asked what to him is selfless governance during the Jose Maria College Supreme Student Government Leadership Seminar held at the school’s Audio Visual Room.

Gallardo, in his talk, said that being a leader means being of service to others without reservation and self-interest.

Aside from 2LT Gallardo, National Youth Commission Officer III Julius Gutierrez also shared his knowledge and expertise on leadership.
“Leaders need not to be arrogant and boastful with their accomplishments but rather a person of principles, values and virtues who are much willing to dedicate their time and talent without expecting something in return,” Gutierrez said.

Student leaders from various organizations came to realize their worth and responsibilities after the talk.

“Being selfless in every single thing that we do is the true meaning of leadership,” Shamma-Nee D. Guille, President of the Supreme Student Government shared his insights during an interview.

Jmarians believe accepted the challenge to lead in excellence through selfless service with positive ideas and values and to inspire more student leaders who will take the lead and make a difference in the future.

Joined by the student leaders from all the organizations, this year’s theme was “Leading in Excellence through Selfless Service.”

By Mares Marquez

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