“The real battle of life does not confine in the four corners of the classroom. It is just the beginning of everything. The real battle happens outside the portals of the school,” said Dr. Lilibeth Gumia, JMC Research Director in an inspirational talk on the life of a professional during the Send-off Ceremony held at the KJC Cathedral on October 2, 2016.

In her speech, Dr. Gumia punctuated the significance of hard earned education in the real world of work.

She cited that the wisdom obtained from schooling coupled with the right attitude and work ethics will serve as a fuel to keep one’s motor rolling in the performance of one’s duties and responsibilities.

“Internship, like footprints in the sand, signifies the journey taken,” she added, pointing out that how well prepared are the students for internship will eventually affect his/her performance.

She added that the decisions one will make will spell out the road he or she will take in the future.

Dr. Gumia extended her warmest congratulations to the parents of nearly 150 students who are bound to be sent-off by the school to designated partner agencies and organizations for an on-the-job training stint.

The send-off ceremony concluded with a short tribute presentation to all the parents who invested their trust and confidence to JMC for the education of their children.

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