The Sonshine Media International Network forged partnership with Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication to do an extensive coverage of the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan Competition during the Kadayawan Festival 2016 held at San Pedro Street.

SMNI Station Manager Paulene Canada tapped Mass Communication students to form part of the technical crew to do an actual coverage.

“This serves as an avenue for the students of Jose Maria College to expose themselves early in the real world of the mass media profession,” Canada told JMarian in an interview.

Students were taught how to perform basic camera operations, write scripts for television and run live TV productions.

“It was a nice experience for me because I was able to discover the dos and don’ts of the news coverage and it was good to know that the staff were very friendly and generous in sharing insights on Television production,”Mass Communication student said.

Mass Communication student John Flor described the coverage as new and challenging experience.

“I realized that live television production requires so much attention and focus from the production staff because it is susceptible to production flaws and glitches,” Flor asserted.

SMNI is looking forward to forge more partnerships with the Mass Communication program soon.

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