With the various concerns of the indigenous people (IP) especially with education, students called for more educational opportunities for IPs.

In their respective Values and English classes, students expressed their sympathy on the issues concerning the indigenous people.

Grades 5 and 6 students called for equality for educational opportunities especially for the IP.

“They are often discriminated. The IP also face challenges in livelihood and in their health. If these won’t be solved, they will not surely enjoy equal rights,” SSG president Charo Gil Mendoza said in an interview.

Students also discussed ways on how they can help IPs.

“It should start with the awareness that the IP community needs our help,” Mendoza added.

This is in reference to the Consultative Conference of Davao Educators which was held on September 28, 2016 in the Jose Maria College wherein members of the IP community shared their sentiments about the concerns they face.

Datu Luis Lambak, tribal chief of the Ubo-Manobo Tribe of Marilog District expressed that IPs do not get much attention from the government.

“Only a few focus on the indigenous people,” Lambak said in his presentation for the said conference.

“Indigenous people have limited access to quality education and to resources that allow such,” he added.

Lambak also mentioned about the realities IP students need to face in their quest for education.

“Our IP students in the mountains don’t get the same education as what students get here in the city proper. There is a need to help our IP students,” he added.

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