Jose Maria College believes that an assured, consistent, and quality education is an ennobling force that leads to the development and transformation of individuals.


Committed to becoming a world-class university producing globally competitive individuals who are adaptive and productive leaders in nation-building.


Jose Maria College seeks excellence in the areas of instruction, research, and extension to produce competent graduates that meet global standards.


1.Produce globally competitive graduates that shall exemplify the values of the institution.

2.Increase student’s population with evenly subscribed academic programs.

3.Upgrade human resource and employee productivity.

4.Established quality assurance mechanisms.

5.Strengthen research and community extension activities aligned with educational and accreditation standards.

6.Secure Financial Future.


The College seeks to educate students to be highly qualified professionals who can meet local, national, and international standards. Moreover, it pursues to develop students with the necessary skills for civic engagement, responsible leadership, and good citizenship as a means of contributing to nation-building. Hence, the JMC graduate shall have the following attributes:

        1. Professional Competence Demonstrate proficiency in their respective area of specialization in consonance with regulatory and global standard.
        2. Leadership Skills Execute sustainable leadership in the practice and engagement in the world of work.
        3. Value-Oriented Exhibit exemplified learning with passion for people, creations, and resources.


The following core values underpin and shape JMC’s plans for growth and development, and culture of Excellence.

JUSTICE. Justice commits us to fairness and equal opportunities for all.

ORDER. Order compels us to promote teamwork, unity, accuracy, and prudence in all our endeavors; and to provide a learning environment where orderliness, peace, security, harmony, love, and compassion thrive.

SPIRITUALITY. Spirituality moves us to have faith in the Divine providence and be God-fearing in order to live a righteous life.

EMPOWERMENT. Empowerment reflects JMC’s commitment to excellence in research, teaching and public engagement, where everyone is valued and supported in achieving his/her full potential.

MOTIVATION. Motivation leads to discovery of knowledge, creativity, innovation, and collaborative leadership that will affect positive change.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability makes us value discipline and take responsibility for our own actions.

RESPECT. Respect echoes our aspiration to provide a healthy community and environment, and to treat others in a way that reflects JMC’s qualities and values.

INTEGRITY. Integrity compels us to uphold honesty in both academic and non- academic pursuits; to be ethical in all our actions.

ACTION-ORIENTED. Being action-oriented ricochets JMC’s commitment to value efficiency and effectiveness by taking practical actions to accomplish tasks; and to develop in students and employees a result driven attitude that will inspire others to become self-motivated individuals.

The Jose Maria College from its humble beginnings…



The School Founding President, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy led the ground-breaking ceremony at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ compound in Sasa, Davao City. He named the school after his parents who gave him the foundation of being a good person.



JMA opens preschool education until the second grade in the elementary level.



The Jose Maria Academy was named Jose Maria College (JMC) after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved its conversion from Academy to College.



The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) issued a government Permit for AB Theology and AB English programs. In the same year, complete elementary and secondary programs were offered by the institution. Secondary Education (BSED) Major in English and Math, Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), BS Computer Science, and AB Mass Communication. Two (2) TESDA courses – Diploma in Computer Technician (DCT) and a Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) also started to operate.



  • More courses were added – Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA), Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), and Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSP). The Bureau of Immigration also granted Jose Maria College the permit to admit foreign students. TESDA also approved the 6-Months Caregiver Course



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management was opened.



The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) program started to accept freshmen enrollees.



CHED granted JMC the permit to operate in 2014 Bachelor of Science in Criminology. TESDA also added its programs – Housekeeping NC II, Health Care Services NC II (Nursing Aide), and Massage Therapy NC II.



After the approval from the Department of Education, JMC offered the four strands for Senior High School – Business, Accounting & Management (ABM), Humanities & Social Sciences (HUMSS), Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), General Academic Strand (GAS), and Technical- Vocational (Tech – Voc – ICT).



After a series of inspection and compliance with the requirements of the Legal Education Board (LEB), JMC was granted a permit to accept first-year enrollees in the College of Law to cater to the needs of working and non-working students, the Bachelor of Laws offers two (2) curricula: the Five- Year Program for those who cannot attend classes every day and the Four- Year Curriculum for the non- working students. The five-year curriculum requires students to attend classes from Friday to Sunday.



JMC was granted a permit to accept first-year enrollees in the College of Medicine joining other colleges or universities producing Medical Doctors having been found out that there is an innate need for the public health and wellness aspect. The five-year curriculum requires students to attend classes from Monday to Saturday.



JMC was granted a permit to operate College of Medical Technology with the intent to serve the public health and wellness generally and as a feeder program to our College of Medicine in producing Medical Technologist or Medical Laboratory Scientist. It is a four-year program that requires students to attend its class from Monday to Saturday.

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