Office of Student Affairs and Services


Committed to becoming a world-class and a model Office of Student Affairs and Services.


Mold well-rounded students with excellent knowledge and skills in curricular, co-curricular, non-curricular, and extra-curricular areas by way of a holistic development program to cater to the students’ potentials and personalities. Produce leaders who can bring significant difference and marked improvement and betterment to the lives of people in society and the world through well-defined leadership training, seminars, workshops, and the like. Assist students in their journey towards attaining complete education via school-sponsored or school-assisted programs to address their financial, housing, health, shelter, food, matriculation, and safety concerns. To be the epitome of the ideal Student Affairs and Services that any Higher Educational Institution (HEI) can have, responsive to every need and concern of students and all stakeholders.


  • To develop appropriate enhancement programs to train students and produce graduates with the highest degree of efficacy, effectivity, and excellence.
  • To provide full financial assistance to all sports and other intra/extracurricular activities of students.
  • To enhance co-existence between students and the school, as to their full enjoyment and exercise of their rights, freedom, and privileges, as well as to the duties and responsibilities imposed upon them.
  • To facilitate linkages at all levels for the educational, social, and professional growth of our students and graduates.
  • To harmonize all government-mandated student programs, policies, laws, rules, and regulations with that of the institution’s policies to ensure smooth implementation of students’ programs directed towards a common purpose

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