For the Appointment Order as International Visiting Professorial Fellow of the Royal Institute of Singapore.
We are all proud of you! Blessings and prayers are for your next adventure.
Jose Maria College enters the global field in educational distinction as it is now duly...
Princess Joviel Espos, an 8-year old JMARIAN second grader was invited to judge in a...

From the Administrator

Heeding the call for a better quality education, the Jose Maria College takes the challenge of addressing the current educational demands of 21st century. The school is equipped with world-class facilities and seasoned faculty members which will help all students discover and maximize their potentials.

Be a JMarian!

After years of drought in the Division and Regional Schools Press Conferences (DSPC, RSPC), the JMarian publication brings home 40 awards for the said competitions and advances eight of its journalists to the nationals (NSPC).

Your Future, Our Mission

At Jose Maria College, we create an inclusive and supportive environment that provides vibrant moments for students to explore opportunities, develop leadership, and demonstrate a strong sense of service. We empower students to become the best that they can be. We invite you to learn more about JMC.