Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Bachelor of Science in

Business Administration

major inFinancial Managment

major inMarketing

major inHuman Resource Management

Business administration is the supervising and overseeing of business operations. A career in this field is likely to involve working in many different aspects of a company, from business research, to economics and finance.


To be the leading Institution of International recognition in business education, producing morally grounded and trained business executives with knowledge. Skill and research competence in the field of business and management, meeting the demands of the global market


We establish the culture excellence through quality business education that will develop the potentials of students to become future business executives.



    1. Professional Competence
      • Demonstrate proficiency in their respective area of specialization in consonance with regulatory and global standard. (Assured Education)
    2. Leadership Skills
      • Execute sustainable leadership in the practice and engagement in the world of work. (Consistent Education)
    3. Value-Oriented
      • Exhibit exemplified learning with passion for people, creations and resources. (Quality Education)

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    Entry Level Job Opportunities

    • Management Trainee
    • Office Assistant,
    • Credit & Collection Staff
    • Marketing Assistant, HR Assistant

    Middle-Level Job Opportunities

    • HR Supervisor
    • Credit & Collection Supervisor
    • Purchasing Supervisor
    • Sr. Marketing Officer
    • Finance Supervisor

    Advance Level Positions

    • Vice Pres. for HRDM
    • Vice Pres. for Marketing
    • Vice Pres. for Financial Services

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