Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in


Fascinated with better understanding yourself? understanding others behavior? or even intrigue with how our mind works? then – Psychology is waving at you.

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A beacon of excellence producing creative and critical thinkers equipped with the necessary skills to advance scientific knowledge and professional practice of psychology for the country and the world.


We are committed to community involvement, service, research, and teaching by linking with experts in the various fields of psychology. We provide a strong academic foundation and avenues for practical training in order for students to compete in a fast-changing workplace.



  1. Professional Competence
    • Demonstrate proficiency in their respective area of specialization in consonance with regulatory and global standard. (Assured Education)
  2. Leadership Skills
    • Execute sustainable leadership in the practice and engagement in the world of work. (Consistent Education)
  3. Value-Oriented
    • Exhibit exemplified learning with passion for people, creations and resources. (Quality Education)

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Psychology is a scientific field that deals with understanding human behavior and mind. A fun and exciting field that is applicable for what intrigues you the most that also provides a wide variety of amazing career that fits for you.



Graduates of the BS Psychology program could be licensed psychometricians or work in the academe, in HR. research. Graduates may also pursue careers in medicine, law, management, etc. With further specialized training, graduates of this program may pursue specializations in Psychology such as clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, social, industrial/organizational, etc.


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