House and lot, vehicle in store for top-notcher JMarian barristers, PACQ assures candidates

If the past 4 exemplary JMarian barristers received Macbook laptops from Rev. Dr. Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for their commendable Bar exams performance, now the rewards for the top-performing JMarian barristers are at stake. They will not only receive one reward but two extravagant rewards all at once—a house and lot and a new vehicle.

During His Excellency’s Hour on September 15, 2023, Pastor Apollo joyfully shares with the Jmarian Bar candidates that whoever can “top-notch, automatically meron kayong house and lot… at meron kayong bagong sasakyan (you will receive a house and lot… and a brand new vehicle)”.

He expects no less with the help of the Almighty God that the takers will pass the Bar Exams. He added, “We are investing for our youth, for our people. We are investing in humanity”.

The send-off activity was also honored by the former president of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo R. Duterte, who also shared some inspiring remarks with the Bar candidates.

This year’s Bar is JMCFI’s 3rd year of taking. The first was in 2020/21 with barristers at acing 100 percent pass rate. This was followed last year with an evenly fair performance in the exams.

The 38 JMarian barristers are among the 10,816 candidates taking the 2023 Bar Exams whose results are expected to be released by early December.


  • Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

    Vince is the student publication adviser of The JMarian. His journalism experience includes being a student writer, an associate editor, and a chief editor in his collegiate publication. He is a licensed professional teacher (LPT), Davao event host and spinner, digital marketing specialist, trainer, keynote speaker, and writer. He is digitally known as the 'Digital Lourd' of Davao city, Philippines.