JMCFI Colleges of Law and Medicine Partner with UniPhil to Provide Medical and Legal Aid to Kitbog Residents

JMCFI Colleges of Law and Medicine recently joined forces to provide medical aid, legal assistance, and support programs to a remote and far-flung community in Kitbog, Malungon, Sarangani on March 23, 2023. The initiative was organized in partnership with United Indigenour Peoples’ Heritage of the Philippines (UniPhil), and Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, JMCFI’s founding President.

The Medical Mission aimed to provide essential services and assistance to the underprivileged residents of Kitbog, Malungon, who face limited access to basic healthcare and legal aid services. The community was overwhelmed by the unexpected support from JMCFI, and the volunteers were received with open arms.

During the Medical Mission, the volunteers distributed medicine provided legal assistance and implemented feeding and gift-giving programs for the locals. The JMCFI College of Medicine, which conducted the medical services, remained committed to expanding its health services to marginalized areas of the country through Medical Missions. Meanwhile, the JMCFI Legal Assistance Center continued to offer free legal assistance, even in remote areas, empowering communities, particularly the indigenous people, to gain greater access to justice.

The officials of JMCFI, Vice President for External Affairs, Mr. Dennis M. Lazarte, Associate Vice President for Health Education, Dr. Raymond G. Libongcogon, Associate Vice President for Legal Education, Atty. Eunice L. Ambrocio, Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. Nestor Arce, Dean of the College of Law, Atty. Israelito P. Torreon, and Assistant Dean of the College of Law, Atty. Resci Angelli R. Nolasco, were also present during the mission. They supervised the operations and ensured that the services provided were of the highest quality.

The residents of Kitbog, Malungon, were delighted and grateful for the unexpected support from JMCFI. The community holds a special place in the heart of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as it is where his ministry and calling began. By organizing the Medical Mission, JMCFI has shown its dedication to serving the less fortunate and providing assistance where it is needed the most.

JMCFI officials reiterated their commitment to continue providing essential services and assistance to underprivileged communities, especially the indigenous people, across the country. They expressed their gratitude to the volunteers who joined the Medical Mission and offered their professional assistance pro bono. They also acknowledged UniPhil and its President Ms. Elizabeth D. Carreon and Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy for their partnership and support in making the Medical Mission a success.

The  Medical Mission to Kitbog, Malungon, was a remarkable effort by JMCFI Colleges of Law and Medicine to bring much-needed assistance to a remote and underprivileged community. The initiative exemplified the institution’s commitment to serving the less fortunate and promoting social justice.


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