JMCFI Medical Technology Program Surpassed CHED Evaluation for Government Recognition Application

On February 22, 2023, the Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc. (JMCFI) underwent an evaluation by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Office XI to analyze its twelve recently submitted programs. These courses include BSs in Early Childhood Education, Pharmacy, Biology, Medical Technology, Radiologic Technology, Entertainment and Multimedia Computing, Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, and Technical-Vocational Teacher Education.

The evaluation team is composed of various respectable figures. Drs. Liza C. Suan, Evelyn S. Ecle, Lourdes D. Cesar, Randy A. Tudy, Cesar A. Adegue IV, and Engr. Rodrigo S. Pagantihon, Jr. and Dr. Avee Joy B. Dayaganon reviewed and assessed the school’s recently implemented programs’ curriculum, learning resources, assessments, faculty, and facilities.

The team ensured the programs adhered to CHED’s higher education standards and regulations. In order to ensure that programs given by higher education institutions are of the highest caliber and give students the skills and knowledge they need, CHED has established stringent regulations.

JMCFI has proven its dedication to giving its students various options by delivering programs that appeal to various interests and concentrations. The institution’s new program offerings for the following academic year will be the twelve recently applied programs that the CHED team reviewed.

In a statement, the school’s information and communications team promised the general public they would keep them informed of organizational changes or innovations. It demonstrates the institution’s accountability and openness, crucial for fostering faith in the school and its educational offerings.

This assessment is essential because it tells us whether the school’s recently implemented programs comply with CHED’s higher education standards and recommendations. The effectiveness of the newly implemented programs is crucial in assisting with the expansion and development of the businesses and sectors they serve. Additionally, it gives students additional chances to pursue their ideal careers and advance the cause of advancement and development.


  • Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

    Vince is the student publication adviser of The JMarian. His journalism experience includes being a student writer, an associate editor, and a chief editor in his collegiate publication. He is a licensed professional teacher (LPT), Davao event host and spinner, digital marketing specialist, trainer, keynote speaker, and writer. He is digitally known as the 'Digital Lourd' of Davao city, Philippines.