A JMCFI study reveals high satisfaction of students with teaching, learning facilities

A recent study, “Satisfaction of Basic Education Students on School Services” conducted by Dr. Josefina D. Ortega and Merichelle Joy U. Enilo, RN, MAN of Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc. shows high level of satisfaction among students with teaching. The indicators include: Subject matter knowledge of teachers, teaching strategies, and rapport with students.

The study was conducted involving a total of 184 basic education students (Kinder – 10th Graders).

Presented in Table 1.1 is the satisfaction levels of students regarding teaching. The results indicate that the parameter receiving the highest average score is subject matter knowledge (M=4.53, SD=.669), which is described as “very high.” Conversely, the lowest mean score corresponds to the item “rapport with students” (M=4.32, SD=.809). The overall mean satisfaction level is 4.43, categorized as “High.” These findings suggest that students’ satisfaction with teaching is oftentimes evident.

Displayed in Table 1.2 is the satisfaction levels of students regarding learning facilities. The findings reveal that the parameter of convenience obtains the highest mean score, with a mean of 4.52 and a standard deviation of .754. In contrast, the lowest mean score is 4.46, corresponding to the accessibility and adequacy of facilities. The overall mean satisfaction level is 4.48, categorized as “high.” These results indicate that students’ satisfaction with learning facilities is oftentimes apparent.

The study is published on JMCFI’s International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies.


  • Lord Vincent Van Mendoza

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