The Research Development and Publication Office  (RDPO) Office has taken a significant step toward promoting research excellence among its faculty and students.

On March 16, 2023, the office organized a Research Capability Building Training and Workshop aimed at strengthening research practices and enhancing the quality of research outputs produced by the institution.

The training and workshop were spearheaded by the institution’s Research and Quality Assurance Chairperson, Dr. Aurea D. Lanaban, who recognized the need for faculty and students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct high-quality research. The event provided participants with a comprehensive overview of research methodologies, best practices in data collection and analysis, and strategies for disseminating research findings.

The School President, Dr. Felix C. Chavez, Jr., who strongly supports research efforts, served as the main speaker during the training. Dr. Chavez emphasized the importance of research in advancing the institution’s mission and vision, particularly in providing relevant and evidence-based solutions to real-world problems. He encouraged faculty and students to pursue research projects that have practical applications and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

The event was attended by faculty members and students from various academic departments, who expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to enhance their research capabilities. The workshop was interactive, with participants engaged in group discussions and hands-on activities to develop their research skills.

The Research Capability Building Training and Workshop is part of the institution’s broader strategy to promote a culture of research excellence and support the development of its faculty and students as innovative and competent researchers. With this initiative, the institution aims to produce high-quality research that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and address pressing societal issues. The JMarian, 16 Mar 2023



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