Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Bachelor of science in

Radiologic Technology

Consider becoming a radiologic technologist if you want to combine your interest in technology with your desire to serve others. Spend your days running high-tech equipment to assist doctors in discovering life-saving answers for their patients.

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Why should you choose RadTech?

  1. More career opportunities await in the country and abroad.
  2. A good pre-medicine course.
  3. Various fields you can choose from being a Radiologic Technologist.

    • Radiologic Technologist (e.g. X-ray Technologist, Ultrasound Technologist, CT Scan Technologist, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist, Cardiovascular Technologist, Cardiac Catheterization Technologist and etc.)
    • Hospital/Academic Administrator
    • Educator/Clinical Instructor
    • Researcher
    • Entrepreneur
    • Diagnostic Product Specialists
    • Clinical Application Specialists

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