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JMarian wins Presidency in National Social Workers Association

Emmanuel Crismas, a third-year Bachelor of Science in Social Work student from Jose Maria College, gets elected as the new president of the Junior Social Workers Association of the Philippines (JSWAP) last July 24, 2021.

As an active youth leader and advocate, Crismas is not new to the leadership role. Some of his notable experiences include:

“Now that I hold the JSWAP presidency, I’ll make sure to strengthen the partnership with all the JSWAP member schools and provide more capacity building, trainings and skills enhancement for social work students.” Crismas explained.

Meanwhile, Crismas also expressed his gratitude to JMC for supporting him in this endeavor. “I would like to thank Jose Maria College for the trust and for endorsing me to run as the JSWAP President. I will make sure to carry the JMC Core Values in all our future plans and activities.” Crismas stated.

Crismas will be serving as the President of JSWAP from A.Y. 2021-2023.

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